Here we are … at Sanremo, the international Mediterranean city ‘par excellence’. Sanremo is the beaming light for tourism and hospitality in the whole of the Riviera dei Fiori. At Sanremo there is everything you could possibly want, but above all a climate with so much sun that it is the envy of all northern Italy. Even during the winter you can leave your pullover at home; the summer cooled by the sea and the light Riviera breezes.

Just think of a constant pleasant temperature …, the sea, clean, calm, lapping on a rocky coast while long, lazy waves roll onto sandy beaches making windsurfing ideal.

But Sanremo is a city which offers so much more than the mildest of climates: take the opportunity to spend an afternoon discovering the secret Sanremo, that of the historic centre with its churches, narrow streets, its works of art. Or set out to discover the luxuriant gardens full of exotic plants: experience a journey across the five continents in a couple of hours. Sanremo is known worldwide as the ‘city of flowers’. Everywhere it is possible to buy and send flowers or plants. And then there are so many restaurants where it is possible to appreciate specialties from the local cuisine.