Authentic local experiences!

It is customary to think of a tourist destination for its monuments, history customs, and foods but one doesn’t always find a destination, which offers something in every season.

The Ligurian coast is famous for its climate mostly in summer, however Sanremo, Ospedaletti and Bordighera have always attracted winter tourism because of a very favorable microclimate. Likewise each season brings amazing crops and customs, some of which are ancient and unique. They also contribute to attract visitors year round.

Winter is the season of several famous festivals, like the Italian Song Festival in February and the flower parade in March is a sight to warm the heart with magnificently decorated flower floats parading along an established circuit in the town.

But let’s not forget the small towns and villages inland, each boasting a different tradition or being devoted to a different patron saint with celebrations at least once a year. Multiply this by each patron saint and you’ll have a festivity in a different village almost every week.

In this section of our website we’ll suggest you itineraries which focus on history, traditions, lifestyle, that  so far have been our exclusive heritage.

Come and see for yourselves!