The microclimates, the climate of the Riviera dei Fiori, don’t just allow open air cultivation of edible vegetables and flowers, which, harnessing the natural sunlight, are particularly rich in phytochemicals, but they are also the basis of a particularly healthy lifestyle, befitting the human dimension. This is “slow living” in contrast with the “fast” rhythm of our society. As well as providing the right diet, it also allows people to spend ample time in the open air in every season. You can play sports at leisure, or simply take walks enjoying the fragrant aroma, the colours and sounds of the Mediterranean environment. You can also pause, close your eyes and allow the natural energy rising from the sea breeze, the light of sunset or the singing of a bird energize you.
All of this is made even easier and more pleasant in the Riviera di Ponente thanks to the cycling and pedestrian track of the Parco Costiero (coastal park) Riviera dei Fiori, the most beautiful in Europe, unique with its 24 kms of coastline.