Our outdoor events originate and develop from the territory, its history, traditions, and local produce and its processing.
Through Med Food Lab one can take part in the preparation of some of the best known products of the Ligurian Riviera: from Pesto alla genovese to the countless varieties of savoury tarts and focaccias, and second courses based on pesce azzurro. These gourmet food and wine experiences enable all the participants to experience and get to know in depth the art of Ligurian gastronomy, which is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet. The packaging and personalisation of outdoor events aren’t just based on client needs – group size, available time – but it also takes stock of seasonal foods, while keeping an eye on tradition and Nature’s ways.
It all bores down to living within the culture of a territory, known as Europe’s beach, protected by mountains, which are the spine of a continent’s strength. It is about discovering places, people, and a lifestyle. A sensory immersion set to become a long lasting and treasured experience.

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