Children love to get their hands dirty. Their ability to learn seems superior to that of adults. Because theirs is a quest for knowledge, a constant process of discovery. They do not compare a thousand things in a problematic way, but learn every new notion just like a sea sponge absorbs water. Unlike grown-ups, children use their five senses. Children are ready and they are reactive to learning about taste and cooking. They want to try everything, and their reactions can be excessive and expressive, but they are right. They do not pretend. That’s why cooking laboratories for children are essential. We wish to educate sensory perception and the tasting of flavours, to acquire a knowledge of the goodness of a healthy eating style. To introduce the essential simplicity of taste, its emotions, and the discovery of nature and its cycles. All this through games and interactions. We will introduce the Mediterranean and its world: the sea, the sun, and the mountains protecting it from bad weather. This is our playground. Whether the children are from around the Mediterranean or they want to become part of it, everything is possible. A new world will unfold in front of them, which will become their comfort food: the food they will have eaten when young, which will always feel good to them as adults. The advantages are: eating a healthy diet, following the seasons, respecting the environment, understanding nature’s ways. In this way children will be able to put together their own book of gastronomic memories as well as receive an educational element. Having fun with taste.