MED FOOD LAB is a specialist organization that creates and manages authentic, motivational and creative programs, aiming to give guests exclusive experiences within the splendid Ligurian territory.

Our knowledge of the destination, proven experience in this sector, invaluable collaborations and key contacts all over the territory enable us to create customised and unique programs to accompany you while you discover our world and all that we excel at.

Our guests will have access to exceptional guides who will introduce them to a complete and authentic cultural dimension: the Mediterranean Culture. There lie the roots and foundations of our own and current culture.

We take our lead from cooking and current cuisine, because on Mediterranean shores, how we eat, though changing with the times, is synonymous with joy, encounters, participation and, above all, wellness.

From here we set out to discover sites that are mostly unknown. These are itineraries which focus on a corner of the Mediterranean: Liguria.  These itineraries form a model on how to approach the territory, as travelers rather than as tourists.  History, traditions, lifestyle, all in the search of Excellence.  Excellence which still exists today and so far has been our exclusive heritage. Come and follow us.

We are creative, so we can turn your life’s dreams into reality.